Who we are

2020 meant we started to experience life a lot more than usual through technology. Video calls with close people became the norm and even in our professional life, the amount of video calls and online meetings became almost unmanageable, at some point.

All this meant that our calendars became even more important tools to allow our life to have more structure in an increasing unstructured world, where people joined team meetings in pijama bottoms, because who’s gonna see, right?

My name is Bobby Voicu (Blog | Linkedin), I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life and after talking to a friend (via a Zoom call, of course), I wanted to know what was the impact of 2020 on my calendar life.

I asked my team to put together a quick tool to get some stats. Then I showed it to some friends and they asked me to put it on a site so they can share it with their friends as well. So here’s YourCalendarLife.com.

You can see how much time you spent in calls and with whom, who took more of your time and who was the most efficient person that you talked to, what month was the busiest and other interesting stats. And because I’m really interested in how to manage professional relationships better, we also added some 1on1 stats as well.